Want to donate to the Chol Chol Foundation?

If you’d like to donate to the Chol Chol Foundation’s cause, we can help!

You can find donation information here on the Foundation’s site. If it’s easier for you, we can also give your donation the Chol Chol Foundation on your behalf via Venmo:

Nick: @Nicholas-Kennedy-13
Sarah: @sarahkellykennedy

How far can your donation go?

$50: Will finance the purchase of material to support the meetings for artisans, including cards and impressions.

$100: Will finance the purchase of raw materials for the development of prototypes and experimentation in workshops.

$150 : Will help alleviate problems of rural access, such as the delivery of special orders of products of artisans to the Foundation, and the transport of professionals to the land that lead to quality in commerce and product development.

$500: Will finance an innovation training that lasts four days for 20 artisans.

$1000: Will increase the capacity of the organization’s microcredit fund for raw materials, granting better access to high quality wool for textile artisans.

$2,000: Will increase the Revolving Commercial Fund that allows the purchase and sale of products. At the same time, it will directly increase the monthly income of the artisans.