Moving Day!

Yesterday was our last day at WMP until next July. It was exciting to finally transition all roles, get the final emails out to the clients and get a nice clean break for the Holidays along with everyone else. It was bittersweet saying “bye” to our team members, but this was one of the first moments in which the Fellowship was becoming “real”. Unfortunately, the excitement of the last day was short-lived as we knew that the next 24 hours would be fully-focused on packing up the remaining items at our apartment, cleaning the apartment, and loading up a Uhaul to head to Rockford, where we were keeping remaining items at Sarah’s parents’ place. We had already sold a majority of our furniture and large items, so it was primarily our smaller possessions, clothes, etc.

You never truly remember how terrible moving is until you’re lifting up a treadmill (the only large item we still have) and trying to move it out of the apartment and then realize that the doorframe is too small. You question how the hell it was brought into the place to begin with and then you remember that you hired movers in the past – and immediately regret not doing it this time (“but we didn’t have many big items,” we thought). Any who, moving is the worst, and I always forget about how it feels like you’re 98% done and then the final 2% takes like 5 hours because small things are still scattered everywhere and then you have to clean the place.

However, this blog isn’t to just replay the feeling of moving, it was more to 1.) share appreciation to Sarah’s parents who came into Chicago not only this weekend, but the previous one to help us prep items, load up boxes, carry things down, and help clean the apartment and 2.) to share about how “unemotional” the process actually was. First of all, props to Connie & Jeff (Sarah’s parents) – again, we greatly appreciate all the help, and we’re sorry we dragged you into it 😊. We thought this would be an emotional experience. This apartment was the first place that Sarah and I lived together. We had been there for three years, had many great memories, and were going to be leaving it for the last time. Instead of us overcoming with emotion, we were just exhausted, and relieved and ready to get the heck out of that apartment after what felt like forever packing/cleaning.

Nick and our Uhaul. We got the Venus flytrap one.

Sarah and I drove the Uhaul to Rockford, and in the process of sitting in holiday traffic, we didn’t have a care in the world. We were just happy to be sitting down and knowing that the hard work was behind us (sure, we had to unpack the Uhaul, but that took a fraction of the time). We were excited to take Sarah’s parents out to dinner that night as appreciation for their assistance, and finally get to relax a little bit heading into Christmas.

Our celebratory dinner at Abreo in Rockford. They catered our wedding and remade our wedding churros for our 1-year anniversary!

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