Day 177

Honeymoon Game Q&A!

As Sarah and I near the end of our Fischer Fellowship experience, we’ve tried to do some reflection on our time here. A couple weeks ago, we had our friend Dan come up with a list of questions for us to answer, and this time, we’ve gotten help from another friend, Tricia (Thanks, Pat!). While Q&A can get a bit repetitive, we thought we’d put a little spin on this post. So for the following questions, think of this as the “honeymoon game” style of questions – in which Sarah and I will attempt to answer the question based on what we think the other person will say.

The format will be as follows:

  • Person 1 will answer a question about Person 2, seeing if they know what Person 2 would say.
  • Person 2 will give their answer, not seeing what Person 1 originally put
  • Person 1 will then react to Person 2’s answer – that reaction will depend on if they were correct or not
  • Person 2 will then get a chance to react to the previous reaction.
  • Fun!

So – here we go:

Q1: Sarah – Who did Nick maintain the most regular contact with while on the fellowship?

Sarah’s Guess: Hmmm, I would say Mike Hughes, from what I can tell. He was in the cadence of having a call with him every few weeks. I know he wanted to stay up-to-date on everything with West Monroe!

Nick’s Actual Answer: Probably my parents. Had consistently weekly FaceTime sessions. But I felt I did a decent job keeping up with friends and coworkers, etc. Technology is a crazy thing these days – and to be honest, I felt myself longing for some non-Spanish conversations (especially when Sarah didn’t want to talk to me anymore).

Sarah’s Reaction: That’s fair. You did FaceTime them a lot.

Nick’s Final Statement: That and Mike only allowed FaceTime audio. I guess he would have been too emotional if he saw my face.

Q2: Nick – What was Sarah’s most significant contribution throughout the Fischer Fellowship?

Nick’s Guess: I’m guessing Sarah will say the artisan videos – she spent a tremendous amount of time on them. While those are a big impact, I think her largest contribution was just overall elevating their game from a design standpoint. I think the longest lasting impact will be the logo rebranding – as she provided Chol Chol with a much needed boost. Sarah puts her heart into everything she does, and I think she killed it across all her projects – the artisan videos, the website re-design, the new branding, the social media strategies, the one-off design projects for various events, and last (and certainly not least), the catalog which is looking awesome. The foundation is really going to miss her talent (though I know she’ll still continue to help when we are back).  

Sarah’s Actual Answer: This is a lot of smaller projects in one, but the whole QR code project (which included making artisan videos, website redesign, designing product tags, and QR code creation).

Nick’s Reaction: Bingo.

Sarah’s Final Statement: AWWWWW, Nick, you’re so nice!

Q3: Sarah – What item did Nick pack that never left his suitcase?

Sarah’s Guess: His ski gear (jacket, pants, and goggles), for sure. We didn’t really research the ski season here and were pretty off, haha.

Nick’s Actual Answer: This is easy: ski gear. Yah, we just kind of assumed it’d be ski season at some point we’d be down here, but we were wrong. Yes, we could have skied these last couple weekends, but it wasn’t really a priority. So yah, the ski jacket, pants, and goggles were not needed during this experience. The other thing that makes the list is I packed about 4 months’ worth of daily contacts. I probably wore contacts 5 days this entire 6 months. So that was some wasted space.

Sarah’s Reaction: LOL. Daily contacts.

Nick’s Final Statement: Even when I did wear them those 5 times, I only had them in for like 3-4 hours…fail.

Q4: Nick – What was Sarah’s most embarrassing/ memorable Spanish blunder?

Nick’s Guess: This is very tricky to answer, especially because Sarah was far superior to me in all things Spanish, so I’m the last person that should be calling out any blunders she encountered. I think this was a team one, but our first grocery shopping experience we didn’t realize you needed to weigh the produce and then put a barcode on it before going to the checkout line. When we went to check out, the person was saying something to us that we didn’t understand and got frustrated with us and eventually shut down the line to go put the sticker on themselves. It was pretty awkward given there were people in line behind us. Whoops. That’s the story that comes most to mind.

Sarah’s Actual Answer: Hm, this is tough. I don’t know! It wasn’t necessarily saying something wrong, but just having no idea what was going on haha — my failure of understanding how paying for produce works at a grocery store in Chillan.

Nick’s Reaction: Yes! Got it – but again, I think we were both at fault here haha.

Sarah’s Final Statement: Yeah, this was a tough one. I’m sure I said something stupid and still haven’t realized it yet! #gringos

Q5: Sarah – What is Nick most looking forward to about being home?

Sarah’s Guess: Besides the obvious friends/family – GOLF.

Nick’s Actual Answer: Besides the easy answer of family and friends (which, of course I’m looking forward to seeing), I’m most looking forward to golfing as much as possible. It’s nice that we get to come back to summer in Chicago, so I plan on taking full advantage of that on the course. Another thing I’m looking forward to – my weighted blanket. I frickin’ love that thing. Oh yah, I’m looking forward to getting a haircut too.

Sarah’s Reaction: Ah, yes. The weighted blanket. I tried just laying on top of him once to simulate the feeling but it didn’t really work.

Nick’s Final Statement: Jeez, Sarah, settle down – I know it’s the honeymoon game, but that’s too much info.

Q6: Nick – What will Sarah miss the most about being in Chile?

Nick’s Guess: One word: sopaipillas. Well that, plus kuchen, empanadas, frutos del bosque yogurt, and did I say sopaipillas? Honestly, I think this is a difficult answer because Chile is a very magical place. I think she’ll miss just being outside – I mean heck, we have to walk outside to go to the bathroom at the Foundation. Speaking of, she’ll miss working with everyone at the Foundation, and especially chasing the chickens around the place. She’ll miss the constant smell of firewood (we use wood to heat the foundation). She’ll miss all the dogs that you encounter everywhere. She’ll miss seeing the mountains in the background on a clear day. She’ll miss going to the market on Tuesdays. She better say that she’ll miss me (after all, we have never spent this much time together since I usually travel for work).

Sarah’s Actual Answer: I’m going to miss the people for sure, but I’m also going to miss the amazing outdoors here! The mountains and volcanoes! I already can’t wait to go back to Patagonia, there really is something magical about it.

Nick’s Reaction: She is lying by not saying sopaipillas…

Sarah’s Final Statement: I’m going to start crying now…

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